Reconstruction of Shree Jyanodaya Primary School﹐ Phrase 1 Completed



1)The exterior of the new school

2)The interior of the new school

3)The former Shree Jyanodaya Primary School 4)The former condition of the classroom teaching
Deep appreciation to the support from all parties. Together with the villagers, the Phrase 1 of the reconstruction of Shree Jyanodaya Primary School was completed before the monsoon season in June. A total of USD 5234 was used for the first stage. The Future Village had contributed a total of USD 1850.

Kindly click here for detailed financial report and pictures (hyperlink to Report for Helping Rebuild Primary School in Future Village.pdf)

The 2nd phrase of the rebuilding work, which include doing the cement and painting will commence from September onwards.

Visitors to Nepal from September to November who are interested to do volunteer work may contact Christie Lam.

Background information

The Future Village had initially planned to help change the roof of Shree Jyanodaya Primary School located in Katunge Village Ward 9. Plans are made to change the roof so as to allow more natural light into the classroom.

However, due to the many years of rain and shine, the school buiilding was facing the danger of collapse. The school had a simple structure (of stones and logs) which housed a total of 150 pupils from Primary One to Primary Five.

There was an urgent need to rebuild the school before it were to collapse in the coming monsoon season and the funds provided by the government was still not sufficient, even though the villagers were willing to work for free to cut down the cost of construction. Upon hearing the news, Future Village began a donation drive and collected the needed sum within 10 days and the reconstruction of the school began in May 2007.

Photographs 1) and 2) are courtesy of Peggy Sui (visitor) and photographs 3) and 4) are taken from “明報” magazine issue 1937.

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