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“One Home One Chup-pe” Project

(updated on 10/5/2010) In 2009, Christie returned to the village and followed up the progress of the scheme. After visiting the villagers and having learned about their needs, Christie found out that installing a chup-pe (an independent toilet in Nepalese) in every house was among one of the most urgent needs due to the recent rise in the number of local visitors. Having a chup-pe in every house is also a major key to the solution of hygiene problems.

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Primary School Upgraded and Expanded

(updated on 10/07/2009) Funded by Studer Trust, and with the help of Future Village, the primary school in the village has been upgraded to a junior secondary school. The school can offer Class 1 to Class 8 for children in the village, which spare them from toiling 3 to 4 hours on walking to study in a junior secondary school. The extension work has kicked off in June 2009, and two stories of four classrooms in total have already been finished. We

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Student Sponsoring Programme

(updated on 10/7/2009) In the new school year, Future Village has sponsored 69 schoolchildren. These students are progressing fast, and have obtained encouraging results. Almost all of them passed the exam. The photos on the side show you their happy faces. All sponsors would receive progress report by July 2009. (Photo by: Jane)

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Visitors’ Highlights (Sept 2008- June 2009)

(10/07/2009) Thanks to the zealous support of the past visitors and Raymond, village kids were given schoolbags and other necessities. (10/7/2009) In the past year, continual visits were organized. The visitors came to Future Village to provide basic English courses and deworming service to the children. Lately, with the help from a group of volunteers, the wall picture of Future Village has been refurbished. Thanks a million to all the visitors

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Body Check Activities for FV Students

(21/3/2008) Thanks to the participation of medical doctors Mr and Mrs So and local doctors, combined effort has been paid to provide body check for 150 local children. That was done between 10th and 13th March 2008. Schoolchildren had also been briefed the importance of keeping personal hygiene and observing the precautions against diseases. Photos by Dambar Adhikari: (from top to bottom) 1) first day of body check on schoolchildren 2) Dr So prescribing

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Serious Landslides

(29/2/2008) Future Village had allocated Rs10,200 (around HKD1,260) to provide food for four families concerned. The money was used for two-month food provision. At the same time, we received donation of HKD10,000 from zealous donors and this sum of money had been transferred to families concerned for refurbishment of irrigation facilities and farmland. It was hoped that the farmland could be replenished to welcome the farming season. Background:

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Education Fund

(29/2/2008) Despite the countless difficulties we faced, we can manage to send four village kids to Kathmandu for studies (this year Future Village will allocate USD810 for this). This was made possible because of the generous contribution from various donors who have always been supportive. The children are Laxman Gurung (sponsored by Jane Kwan), Bimala Adhikari, Sahadev Adhikari and Sirjana Dhamala (sponsored by Rose Lee). They will start their

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Reconstruction of Shree Jyanodaya Primary School﹐ Phrase 1 Completed

New-school-door 1)The exterior of the new school 2)The interior of the new school 3)The former Shree Jyanodaya Primary School 4)The former condition of the classroom teaching Deep appreciation to the support from all parties. Together with the villagers, the Phrase 1 of the reconstruction of Shree Jyanodaya Primary School was completed before the monsoon season in June. A total of USD 5234 was used for the first stage. The Future Village had contributed

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The Completion of a bathroom and a toilet in Future Village

The construction of a bathroom and a toilet in Future Village is finally completed in June 2007 despite many difficulties. We hope to provide such facilities will better meet the needs of all visitors. Click here for detailed report and pictures

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Appeal : Volunteers urgently needed to teach English

After the implementation of our sponsorship programme and the hiring of a local teacher, the children's studies (such as Mathematics) have improved greatly. The children are very keen to learn new things - and this has touched every single visitor who came to Future Village. Currently, the main difficulty that the children face is the learning of English as they lack exposure of the language. We are in need of visitors who are willing to spend some

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