Future Village, a two-storey cottage with local architectural style, is located in a hillock with an altitude over 1000 meters in Katunge Village Ward 9 in Dhading District, stretching 100 kilometers away from the capital, north of Kathmandu in Nepal.

The Village was founded in mid 2004 by a group of enthusiastic visitors from Hong Kong, who raised fund to build the cottage. The project idea originated from a Nepal expression: “N-Never, E-Ends, P-Peace, A-And, L-Love”. We hope that visitors can serve this "Kingdom of Mountain" while they are exploring the wonders of landscape and meaning of life during their trip.

We are more than happy if you would like to make a difference in your trip by visiting Future Village to help the locals.



The Establishment of Future Village (November 2004 – April 2005)

3/11/04 ~

mesmerised by the scenic view and touched by the innocent children, Christie decided to buy a plot of land in Katunge Village Ward 9 and built the Future Village.

2/2/05 ~

Workers officially began to build the Future Village.

Over 600 workers were deployed to build the Future Village with an average of 20 workers a day. It took 2 1/2 hrs to transport the logs to the Future Village. Stones were also gathered from places which were 30 mins away. The workers took about 5 hrs of walking to transport other materials like glass and aluminium from DhadingBens to the Future Village.

15/3/05 ~

The main structure of the Future Village was completed a month later.

28/4/05 ~

Porters were not engaged in order to save some money. Dambar carried a load of 50 kg (i.e. three mattresses, bedsheets, blankets, pillows, two chairs, mats and so on) while Christie carried a load of 35 kg. By the time we reached the Future Village, we were totally exhausted. Nevertheless, we were exhilarated that the guest rooms were ready for use.

The guest room in Future Village.
Christie and the village children.
The Future Village is full of opportunities.
The morning mist, seen from the windows of Future Village.
The First Group of Visitors – May 2005

04/05/05 ~

The arrival of the first group of visitors from Hong Kong – conducting a health check for the villagers, together with a local doctor.

20/05/05 ~

Sorting out the donated items by the volunteers.

The Visitors – July – August 2005

22/05/05 ~

A visit to Jyanodaya Primary School. Stationery and toothbrushes were distributed to about a hundred Primary School children. The installation

The Visitors – After August 2005
A group of 10 young people from Hong Kong visited the Future Village. They brought along their warmth, love, enthusiasm and their donated items to the village.

28/4/05 ~

Everyone helping with the painting and the moving of items.

A mini library was set up on 20 July. Books, stationery and toys which were collected were placed in this library. Hence the village children are able to learn in this cosy library.
During summer, this group of young people had a taste of teaching the village children. They overcame the language barrier and started to teach English. They were all touched by the keen interest of the children.
The children, regardless of rain or shine, made great efforts just to go to the Future Village to learn English. They would crowd in this small room and listen to the teaching attentively
It was such a joy to give and to receive. Everyone gathered in this room and shared this joy.

Many other visitors came after August 2005. Some had also help to take the donated items to Kathmandu, Nepal.