How can visitors help?

We hope that you will enjoy the beautiful Nepal scenery and be mesmerised by it. You may also be searching for the meaning of life via your travel to Nepal. At the same time, we hope that you can also help the Nepali people in the following ways:

Volunteer Work

Visitors can offer their service in our English class which is held regularly for the children. Visitors can also offer free medical consultation services.

We recommend minimum two visitors to stay in Future Village. Visitors are advise to spend at least six days for the visit as travelling takes time. If the visiting time is 4 days or less, apart from general visits, no voluntary service can be arranged. In order to increase student learning motivation, visitors are advise to prepare some interactive teaching materials such as songs, games and stories in advance.

Should you have any enquiry on the voluntary services, please contact our previous visitors Clara Cheung and Raymond Lo or Christie Lam.

Meanwhile, to stay with us, please join our facebook

Please take note that all the local people who are involved in the project (such as cookers, local guide) are all on voluntary basis. We hope all the visitors will respect them and treat them kindly. We will reserve the right to reject any visitor who fails to do so.

Visitor from Taiwan Leo friend of Renee Huang had been sent money to Leo Rs.15,000. Leo had been bough stationary materials (copies & pencils) all money and he had been distributed stationary material for Future Village kids. Now, we want to thanks a lot for Leo and his friend Renee Huang for providing them.





Visitors from Hong Kong thank you so much for your support to Future Village Organization: 2,000 USD

The funds which gives the name is given below:

Andy Wong, Sandy Wong, Sylvia Tam, Nicky Cheung and Iris Lan





Collection and delivery of materials to Nepal: Future Village needs your help to deliver materials to Nepal. If you are planning a trip to Nepal, you can help to deliver the materials to us. Kindly contact Christie Lam if you need more information.





Thank you so much for your support to build the Clinic Center. The names are listed below:-

Jass Phua, Mildred Choo, Lim Jun Jiang, Grace Ong, Karen Seet, Ivy Tan, Henry Yap, Alice Goh, Alison Peh, Peggy Lin, Bee Bee Lim, Eve Chin, Laura Chan, Yeo Siok Yen, Xie Huiqun, Dylan Heng, Jennifer Yong, Chau Lih Pin, Anderson Yong, Pek Wee Leng, Luke Siew, Choong Kwan Yuen, Rajiv Rajan, Edmund Koh, Paul Bedi, Jennifer Wong, Gary Wong, Ben Cheong & Dionne Chin, Michelle Zhuang, Daisy Man, Tina Tan, Constance Chia, Norliza Ahmad, Jowena Liang, Kunal Chatterjee, Lyon Toh, Rebecca Rott, Lim Beng Loon, Samuel Lee, Jean Tan, Lin Qiuping, Frances Chan Fong Sheun, Quek Mu Lim, Tan Joo Sin, Pratima Krishna, Yenne Ho, Srihari Sikhakollu, Tan Boon Hian, Genevieve Ng’s friends, Irene Lim, Dawn Tan, Akhil Doegar, Tan Chee Khiong, Sandy Loh, Louis Foo, Wang Sim Loong, River, Joanne Chin, Elisabeth Yap, Icarus Wong, Sarah Chen, Benjamin Pan, Annie Lee, Sara Lee, Tracy Liu, Peggy Chao, Gigi Poon, Sarah Chen, Sarah O &  Alfian Michael, Dambar Adhikari & Christie Lam

Facilities of Future Village

Future Village is a two-storey small house, with two living rooms and three beds on the upper floor. Accommodation is free. All visitors will only need to cover return transportation cost (HKD 80 USD 10) and contribute to the local food cost (HKD 60 USD 8 ) for three meals per day per person. We are able to accommodate up to 15 visitors at one time (some visitors may need to sleep on the floor). Visitors are advise to spend at least six days for the visit as travelling takes time.

The mini-library on the ground floor is meant for children to study and attend English classes. Solar panels had been installed since 2006. Hence lights and electricity may be available on sunny days.

To help save the environment, visitors are encouraged to treasure the resources, reduce waste and take non-biodegradable waste, such as plastic and batteries home for recycling. This is because the district is limited in resources. The villagers are incapable of managing waste; they usually burn the waste.

For more information, kindly click on the Short Notice for all coming Future Village Visitors.

How to get there?

If you are an individual traveller, you can take a taxi (Rupee 80 – 100, time: 15 mins) in Thamel Kathmandu to Dhading bus terminus in Balaju Bus Park. Then, take a bus to Dhading Bensi, a bus terminal in the town centre of Dhading mountain district, and walk for about 5 hours to Katunge Village Ward 9 (uphill: 3 hours; downhill: 2 hours); or you can take a bus to Ratamati and walk for 2 hours to reach Future Village.

Instead of walking for 5 hours to the Village, there may be local jeep service in the dry season (Oct to May). It takes about 2 hrs to the village.

As Future Village is not a tourist spot, most villagers are non-English-speakers. To visit Future Village, please contact Christie Lam for transportation and route arrangement.

Two modes of transportation to Future Village:

a) buses: Visitors can take a bus which runs every 30 to 40 mins to DhadingBensi (Rupee 150). The whole trip takes 3 to 5 hours.

b) local jeep service in Dhading Bensi to Future Village: The timing for jeep service is not regular (need to find out from the locals). It takes about 2 hrs to Future Village (Rupee 90). Also, the jeep service is only available during the dry season (October to May).

School Rebuild Project 2011-12

Since the Future Village project has founded in 2005, improving rural education remains our top priority. Due to the poor maintenance, most village schools cannot provide safe and satisfactory learning environment for students. We thus decide to launch this campaign with the aim to provide financial support to rebuild two local village schools which can be beneficial to over than 700 students. To complete the mission, a total of 6 classrooms are needed and the estimated construction cost for USD 25,000 (including building materials and labour cost). All donations will be 100% used for rebuilding schools. To keep the high transparency and accountability, we will update the expense records on a regular basis. Individuals can make difference especially we cooperate. Join us.

Please click here for details.

Item Donation

The Future Village hopes to run its operation in the most economical manner. Hence we hope to collect items that are both durable and environmental friendly. Items like winter clothes, stationery, books are suitable items for donation. Nepal does not have a proper system of disposing waste. As such, items donated need to be durable and environmental friendly.

The items should not consume too much electricity, and not pollute the environment. Kindly remove the packaging for the donated items too. Things that can only be used once or a few times should not be donated.

In addition, items donated should not be too sophisticated , so as not to impact too much on their simple village life. The items should be practical for them to use. The followings are some examples of donated items:

Clothings:for both males or females, young or old. Designs should be simple and conservative. Singlet and shorts are not suitable for the women. The village women are also not used to western skirts. Jackets or winter clothings are suitable clothings for donation.

Stationery:colour pencils, crayons, pencils, pens, jotterbooks or exercise books.

Books:Simple English storybooks or word recognition books for the mini-library

Helping to Deliver Donated Items

We are in need of visitors of Nepal to help us deliver the donated items to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. You may collect your own donated items, or contact Christie and help us deliver items that we have already collected.

Do take note: There are different luggage weight limit for different airlines. An average limit is about 20 kg. Do approach your agency to allow you to carry more than required. We do not encourage you to pay the additional charges as the extra sum can be used for a more meaningful cause.

Many a little makes a mickle – if every visitor brings some items to us, the items will accumulate and help in the continuity of the operation of Future Village.