Activities and Achievements

Dr. Christie Lam, who has overseen the development of “Future Village” for the past 6 years, recall “In the beginning everything was difficult- just getting donated materials like books and furniture into the village was challenging in itself”. But the response from volunteers for exceeded her expectations, and now the program has made a big difference in the lives of the poor. The “Future Village” conducted regular classes to teach village children English and provided basic health services while listening the voices from the poor- always considering them as a partner in rural areas. The project achievements include:

  • Sponsoring over 100 village kids for schooling
  • Sponsoring outstanding village kids to study in cities
  • Sponsoring 6 full time teachers
  • Providing free tutorial class regularly
  • Supporting Shree Jyanodaya School rebuild and upgrade projects (2011-2012 School Rebuild Project is launched, details refer the campaign pamphlet)
  • Over than 700 rural population can access clean drinking water
  • Providing free health check and dental service to the villagers

Today, the ”Future Village” has continuously encouraged the villagers and project participants to express their views in the early stages of the project so that it could incorporate what they said would be the best for them. Now, the local have played important role in managing their present resources. We believe that the future of “Future Village” is in the hands of the villagers.