“Future Village” is a research and project-based NGO. The project was founded in mid-2004 by a group of enthusiastic visitors from Hong Kong, who raised fund to provide education, health and agricultural assistance to more than 700 residents of Katunge Village, 100 km north of the capital Kathmandu.

One of the founders of this NGO, Christie Lam, an anthropologist by profession started this volunteer-run NGO with just US$ 400. It was enough to buy a small piece of land in Nepal and eventually with the support from a number of donors a two-storey house was built, which now serves as the main office and offers accommodation to attract volunteers across the globe.

“Future Village“ firmly believes that through the participatory and empowering approach can help us better understand the local needs and achieve livelihood improvement in a sustainable way. We carry forward three important steps to ensure the effectiveness of each program including research, project implementation (participatory and empowerment) and evaluation. Local partnership and zero administration fees are two key principles of “Future Village“ to maximize the benefit for the poor at the lowest cost.