Child Sponsoring Program

Sponsorship Program – Hope of Future Education Scheme (HOFES)

You only need to donate about US $55 (HKD $400-420) per year to sponsor a Nepali child’s education.

The amount given will be used for the child’s Primary School’s registration, school fees, books and stationery, examination fees, school uniform and so on.

The sponsorship programme was started in September 2005. The response was satisfactory. There is a total of 104  children who are being sponsored in this programme. We have recently sent a year-end report to all sponsors regarding their sponsored child. We hereby thanked the support of the sponsors.

The latest financial report of the Future Village Child Sponsoring Programme is available for download.

For further information, kindly contact Christie Lam



About Katunge Village

Katunge Village Ward 9 is located in Dhading District, stretching 100 kilometers away from the capital, north of Kathmandu in Nepal. After taking a bus to the town centre of Dhading mountain district, you need to walk for at least 3 hrs to the destination. There are about 500 people staying in the village. The villagers are originated from different castes. The castes include Brahmi, Chhetri, Newari, Gurung and Magar。90% of the families depend on their own farms as their means of living. About 50% of the farmers’ lands produce food which only last them for half a year. The farmers will have to make use of the remaining half a year to work as labourers, even in Kathmandu or India, to help sustain their cost of living.

One of the main difficulties that the villagers face is education. Most of the women are Illiterate while the men usually study till primary school level. Even if the parents know the importance of education, the huge cost of education (i.e. 3 000 Nepalese Rupee)is not an amount that an average family can afford. Many children, though love to study and learn, are not able to do so due to financial constraints.

In order for the children to get out of the “poverty circle” via education. The sponsorship programme was started in year 2005. The Future Village had visited the school and families with financial needs, offering this sponsorship programme to hardworking children.



Details of Sponsorship Programme

The responsibilities of a sponsor: 

  1. The sponsor should not terminate his/her financial assistance unnecessarily, especially if the sponsored child has good conduct and is progressing well in the studies. The sponsored child’s well being will be greatly affected if the sponsorship is terminated without any valid reason.
  2.  In order to ensure the smooth operation of the programme, the sponsor needs to deposit the sponsorship funds at the beginning of December each year into the account HSBC ︰ Ms Lam Lai Ming 067-3-044756;
  3. The Future Village welcomes all sponsors to contact and communicate with their sponsored children, thereby bringing happiness and care for them.

The responsibilities of Future Village:

  1. Coordination︰ To visit the school and families so as to determine the financial position of the families and the behaviour of the children. A list of children to be sponsored will then be created based on the considered factors mentioned above.
  2. Monitor the Use of Funds︰ To ensure that the funds donated are directly used on the education of the sponsored child. The Future Village will pay all educational needs (i.e. school fees, books, etc) directly. Such payments will also be properly recorded. Donations will not be given to the parents to avoid misuse of the funds.
  3. To report on the progress of the sponsored child regularly. As the sponsored children may be young and there may be some language barrier, we will try our best to help the children reporting their progress to you – we will report their learning progress, and if possible their examination results and latest photographs. We will also encourage the sponsored children to write simple letters to their sponsors,
  4. Terminate the sponsorship: If the sponsored child is not able to perform and behave as expected, the Future Village will have the right to terminate the sponsorship and recommend the sponsor to sponsor another more deserving child.

The responsibility of a sponsored child:

  1. The sponsored child needs to have good conduct and must be hardworking
  2. The sponsored child and family need to report regularly to Future Village regarding the progress of his/her studies
  3. The sponsored child needs to do their part in Future Village – maintaining the cleaniness of the visitor house and the library.