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(29/2/2008) Despite the countless difficulties we faced, we can manage to send four village kids to Kathmandu for studies (this year Future Village will allocate USD810 for this). This was made possible because of the generous contribution from various donors who have always been supportive. The children are Laxman Gurung (sponsored by Jane Kwan), Bimala Adhikari, Sahadev Adhikari and Sirjana Dhamala (sponsored by Rose Lee). They will start their learning in Kathmandu in April and progress report will be sent to donors from time to time. Last but not least, your donation is always most appreciated to maintain the project in the long run.

We are also promoting education within the village. Registration of the sponsoring scheme in 2008 had been done. Thanks a million to the donors who have been sponsoring the schoolchildren throughout the past three years. Plus, we continue to offer after-school tutoring service to the local schoolchildren.



With the generous support from the sponsors of Future Village around the world, the local village kids are provided with basic education. In order to upgrade the quality of education they receive, we are now planning to send the high-achievers to Kathmandu for studies starting next year.

Our idea is grounded on an irrefutable fact: the quality of education, in terms of teaching staff and facilities, is vastly different between the rural and the urban area. This has created inequality. Children from the village find it very difficult to obtain a good job after they grow up. It is because of the poor qualification they obtain in the village. This proves the ineffectiveness of education to tackle the perpetuation of social discrimination.

Based on the idea of EQUALITY, we hope to sponsor a few schoolchildren who excel behaviour-wise and academically to study in Kathmandu. This scheme runs align with our belief “self-help to become self-sufficient”. We hope that the village kids can gain knowledge and contribute to their village in the future.

We are now already sponsoring 4 selected kids and have been communicating with their sponsors. The sponsors’ positive feedback is the source of our faith. We are in need of more funds because the cost of studying and living in the city keeps rising. To be responsible for all the fees and living expenses of the kids means that we have to pay USD700 to 900 per kid per year (while we only need HKD360 to 380 per kid in the village). The new sponsoring scheme has created a huge demand for a stable source of income. Therefore, we are now setting up an Education Fund in hope of raising money and sustaining sponsorship for quality education on village kids.

You are cordially invited to join hands to put an end to the unfair situation.

Show you care by donation. Kindly email Christie Lam to learn more.

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