Updates on Emergency Appeal of Future Village 29 April 2015

Updates on Emergency Appeal of Future Village

Future Village after earthquakeHeartfelt thanks for the generous support from all the friends of Future Village! Uncountable of warm and encouraging words plus blessings via donations have been received since the emergency appeal launched and these definitely are incredible support to the villagers and volunteers.

Some anonymous donations were received, grateful if donors can send us an email once a donation was made together with the donor information and scanned copy of the bank-in slip to future.village.nepal@gmail.com .

Donors will receive a confirmation email once the donation is confirmed received, and the acknowledgement receipts will be issued from mid-May onwards. As Future Village is a registered NGO in Nepal, hence the receipt is to show our appreciation and record purpose only, which is not eligible for tax deduction.
Emergency humanitarian relief would be our main focus at this critical stage, which include: 1. to provide temporary shelter, drinking water, food and medicine aids to the local villagers plus to have subsidiary to affected families. 2. to rebuild houses, school and to ensure villagers can have morning farming during monsoon season.

As we are still awaiting for the updates on the situation and how worse the village affected in order to identity the most desperate needs, hence we would require a bit more time to on the consolidation and evaluation. Please stay tune for the updates.
Furthermore, we received a few enquiries of providing voluntary support on the rebuild including forming voluntary groups, as mentioned, the local situation is uncertain, hence please wait till further updates.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the donors, below please find the details if you would like to make a donation:
■Hong Kong – HSBC:067-3-044756 (Ms Lam Lai Ming)*; future.village.nepal@gmail.com / christie.lai.lam@gmail.com
■China/Taiwan – please PM or email us and we will provide the bank-in details. (future.village.nepal@gmail.com )
■Macau – Gordon (gobluecows@hotmail.com)
■Singapore – Sarah (oo.sarah@hotmail.com)
■Malaysia – Yew (yewguoyong@gmail.com)

*Regarding the donation collection through personal account, as Future Village is a registered NGO in Nepal, and is not registered or holding any bank account in Hong Kong. Hence we have been using our founder Christie’s personal bank account in Hong Kong to receive funds since Future Village was established 10 years ago in order to minimize the admin cost. Although we are facing challenge of limited resources, but we sincerely hope we can maintain the beauty of being an individual organization with flexibility and not to be bounded by the massive administrative and fees hassles, in order to ensure all the donations goes to the beneficiaries in need.

Let’s do small thing with great love to show our concerns to Nepal.

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